Inui Global Logistics has notified the Japan Securities Depository Center on March 18 that Inui fixed the record date for such Shareholders Meeting of Shareholders.

Change of date of shareholders meeting of Inui for agenda of abolition of takeover defense plan (on or before May 7)

Public Notice of record date on Nikkei for shareholders meeting of Inui under permission of court

Alphaleo informed Inui about schedule to convene shareholders meeting for abolishment of poison pill(TSE First Section, Securities Code: 9308)

Permission by Tokyo District Court to convene the shareholders meeting for the agenda of abolishment of takeover defense plan (poison pill)(TSE First Section, Securities Code: 9308)

Filing action to confirm INVALIDITY of the resolution to disapprove the agenda to reduce the upper limit of remuneration for directors of Inui Global Logistics     (TSE First Section, Securities Code: 9308)

Filing action to dismiss a director of Inui Global Logistics for the ground of falsifying the annual securities report etc.