Filing action to dismiss a director of Inui Global Logistics for the ground of falsifying the annual securities report etc.

Last Updated: 20 Dec. 2019

In accordance with Section 854 of the Corporation Law, we have  filed an action to dismiss Mr. Yasuyuki Inui from his position as a director of Inui Global Logistics Co., Ltd., on December 3, 2019 which dates within the 30-day period following the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders held on November 4, 2019.


The ground for the legal request for dismissal is that Mr. Yasuyuki Inui allegedly conducted the following illegal actions etc.:

① Falsifying annual securities report, as well as the annual management assessment prepared under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act of Japan.

② Violation of a director’s duty of care and duty of loyalty under the Companies Act of Japan.

③ Violation of the Articles of Incorporation of Inui Global Logistics.

④ Violation of duty to call the general shareholders meeting in accordance with the Companies Act of Japan

⑤ “Fraudulent act”


Any new items that arise and are necessary to be disclosed, will be posted on the website.